The Journey to Full Stack

Hi to everyone, my name is Alexander and i am the newest addition to this excellent forum and guide. Also new and upcoming developer. My project is a long term goal, that i map my journey towards learning whatever is needed and more about being a web developer. Addition is the write to learn method i would like to use. Meaning whatever i read or study, i will try to create a review/article on a personal blog mapping out the guide. Also i would like suggestions on what to read next, plenty material, extra and recommendations are always welcome.
Feedback, suggestions, ideas, new things, thoughts really anything.
This is already starting to be something i find great joy in. It will also be of great joy to me if this project is going to help anyone else who reads it, as well as have a good time.
Journey to Full Stack

Hey @Overcoded, nice job on the log! In order to suggest possible next step people will need to see some projects or gists in addition to log.

Thank you :slight_smile:
Atm i am updating the GitHub with info, trying to make it a framework, or site map for the blog later. ATM i do not know anything about code. some simple HTML.
Learning Encoding, git, licences and soft skills, due to holiday work schedule and waiting for my provider to get me internet in to the house.
Until around 4-6 January, i am stuck on maintenance and small updates.
Blogger is until i cant get my own blog. And its some info out of the GitHub page,
the real project i need suggestions and everything is here. Check here if you can send me some feedback, i do not have any projects yet completed. not until i learn some actual code. MY project is this.

And the stepping stone is the blog.
And thank you, it means a lot to me. So far i am working 1 month, and all on my own without a single penny. Plan to seeing courses and learning material and write about them.

Let me ask a different question them.
Who would be interested in reviews from, lessons, courses and articles about Web Development.