The Last four courses on Relational Database

My complaint is regarding the relational database curriculum. I have only four modules left to complete. I have finished “Learn Nano by Building a Castle,” but it hasn’t been marked as completed. Furthermore, the remaining modules, such as “Learn Git by Building an SQL Reference Object,” “Periodic Table Database,” and “Number Guessing Game,” are not loading at all.

Regarding the Nano module not marked as completed, try connecting to an old project and then reconnecting to your Nano project. Make sure to click “continue” when you have then 100% counter and then refresh the page.

For the modules not loading, are you sure you are accepting third party cookies?
Try deleting cache/cookies. Or disconnect/reconnect to CodeAlly directly on the CodeAlly website.
Usually when I have issues with CodeAlly, that works. Hopefully it will work for you too.