The Longest Word in a String

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Hey guys, i find Basic Algorithm Scripting exercises very difficult, i only did Basic JS and Object Oriented and Functional Programming tutorials. Do i need more knowledge from elsewhere to be able to do the Algorithm exercises? the tools for the answers in the exercises used are things that i dont remember learning in the previous courses.

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Don’t be discouraged by the fact that the algorithm challenges are hard. They should be hard. It’s not just practice; each challenge is a challenge to learn new skills.

The Longest Word in a String challenge can be solved using only what you learned in the three sections you listed above. You just need to write out an algorithm which defines all the steps your code will need to take in order to solve the challenge. Once you have your algorithm written out, then you will simply use the JavaScript you have learned to implement the algorithm.

i dont know how to do algorithms im not studying maths or any engineering degrees.
Do you know some tutorials?

An algorithm is just a list of steps you need to do to carry out something. A recipe is a form of algorithm, for example. You don’t need maths or engineering knowledge. What @RandellDawson is saying is write out the steps you need to do this challenge; that’s your algorithm, and then you should be able to use the knowledge you have to inform what the program should do for each of those steps.

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