The man whose efforts produced today's Indian Engineers

Here’s my first project, a tribute page using only HTML, Bootstrap and a bit of CSS. It is black white though like that of the sample made by Quincy Larson.

Please have a look and throw your valuable suggestions.

Tribute page of Abul Kalam Azad
Thanks in advance for the critique.

Yours lovingly,
Another camper of FCC.

Hey Pi, thanks for pointing out about “indendence”, but are you sure about Enrolment?

Thanks for your time.

The page looks cool.

Only thing I felt personally was that, it would be more cool to see the image without the watermark.

Oh, I picked that to show that it as a trademark, from Official Gov. of India website. Sorry!

I actually guessed you might have included it with that perspective. All good then! Keep going with your challenges.