The most reliable rating of programming languages

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Where can I find the most reliable ratings and graphs of all programming languages?

I’m not sure what you mean by reliable. Software written in specific languages can be more or less reliable, but that is more a question of design than the specific language chosen.

There are plenty of people who love to debate the pros and cons of their favorite languages, but there isn’t any sort of meaningful rating system for computer languages any more than there is for human languages.

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I am not aware of any sort of quality rating. But StackOverflow have yearly surveys to rate the popularity.

The popularity has some value regarding community support and job opportunities. For other purposes it is just fun reading. :slight_smile:


I meant sources that do research and can be trusted

I realized this after I had created the topic.)

There isn’t really a ‘best’ programming language. It is more a matter of what are the most common languages for the type of task you are trying to accomplish.

But nevertheless, these studies are conducted, and developers from all over the world give their preference to anything.

The ‘studies’ aren’t showing what you think they are. There is not a single ‘best’ programming language. There are languages that people prefer to use, there are languages that are better suited to certain tasks, but there is no ‘best’ language.

I see your point, but that’s not what the question was. I’m sorry if you didn’t understand my question, but I use a translator.

You asked about ‘ratings’ of programming languages. ‘Ratings’ implies way to rank programming languages relative to each other. My point is that there is no big ranking list for all programming languages.

Each programming language has things it is good and bad at. Each project has languages that are well suited or ill suited to the project. There exists no rating system that will tell you what the best programming languages are.

If you are not looking to use ‘ratings’ to compare programming languages, what do you want these ‘ratings’ for?

There are a few different ways that organizations will determine “most popular” programming languages. StackOverflow does this via user survey. GitHub does one where they just look at total lines of code on their platform. Some companies focused on hiring and recruiting look at job listings. Anything about why a programming language might be well-suited for a given situation is all subjective.


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