The MySQL course we've all been waiting for!

Very excited to get started with Colt Steele’s new course on Udemy that teaches MySQL with Node.

Anyone who’s done any backend courses will know that they almost all use MongoDB as the database. But that’s demo-land. Out in the wild, MySQL and similar Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) are the big beasts. And SQL, the language used to write queries for MySQL databases, is just about the most in-demand skill in IT.

Every other MySQL course I’ve seen has been based on PHP or just pure SQL, so fantastic to see that Colt Steele has filled the gap and produced what looks like a comprehensive (20 hours) introduction.


I’m doing this course right now since Colt explains things better than my professor. It’s really good. I hate mongo db, I prefer relational databases. So many job postings are asking for MySQL. For the full stack projects, the database design just screamed RELATIONAL, imo!!!

It’s worth mentioning that you can always get Udemy courses for $10 by visiting

Thanks for the heads-up! I started, like most, with MongoDB, but found that it’s not used generally outside tutorials, just in special use cases. Over the past few months I’ve been trying to integrate MySQL into my projects.

There are also these two courses on Udemy which are absolutely free. As in $0. You don’t have to pay even $10. These courses cover Microsoft’s T-SQL using SQL Server though (which could arguably be said to be more used in industry compared to MySQL).

The courses are pretty good too, and it’s always useful to learn more than one variant of SQL anyway—I think ideally, one should be familiar with the syntactic differences between MySQL, T-SQL, and PostgreSQL since collectively they’re the most popular SQL variants.

Perhaps so (in your opinion) but it is useful enough that FCC chose to include it in its curriculum - not exactly chicken feed as you are implying. Having said that, yes SQL is a solid standard that is on my to-learn list.

I dont believe this is a new course? I bought this a while ago, with his web dev bootcamp and advanced bootcamp or has it been updated?

I notice he released a new Python course a couple of weeks ago and I am tempted purely because his teaching style is of the highest quality.

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