The name on my account is still just a string of letters and numbers

No response to this original message: “Hi! When freeCodeCamp launched its new format a few months ago, something weird happened. I can still sign into my account, but account settings name is just a string of letters and numbers instead of my name (of course, it used to list my name) and all my work is gone. Can anybody help?”

Nothing has changed, my account remains screwed up. I’m thinking of just deleting my account, and starting over fresh.

At some point you accidentally created a duplicate account. If you sign in using the exact same password or social media account that your account was created with, it’s still there.

The other possible explanation is that before the new curriculum was released you were participating in the open beta.

You can also change your name on your account.

No, never created a dup account. The issue came up when the new curriculum was released.

Doesn’t matter really, I’ll just start over, it’ll be good practice. Hope it doesn’t happen anymore though.