The nav menu breaks the design of my website

Hello everyone!

I 'm going through Responsive Web Design course and I got stuck on the issue with my 3rd project -landing page.

1.So here is the design of my page I’m ok with:

  1. When I put my menu-links inside the nav element, as it required, the design breaks:
            <a href="#about" class="nav-link">About</a>
            <a href="#ingredients" class="nav-link">Ingredients</a>
            <a href="#order" class="nav-link">Order</a>

However I tried to fix the issue with css, it didn’t look like I want(like in bullet №1).

display: flex;
flex-direction: row;
justify-content: space-between;
align-self: center;

So, the question №1 - why doesn’t flexbox work here?

  1. Then, in order to make navbar always be at the top of the viewport, I added “position: fixed;” to properties of the header and it made an injury to insult:

Why doesn’t css grid work here and design breaks?

Thank you in advance for your help!

In addition:

  1. The page with design I want but it doesn’t pass some tests:

2.The page that passes all tests but with broken design:

I’ve added some style

header{width: 95%;}
     display: inline-block;
     margin: 2vw;
    margin-top: 20vh;

This is how page is looking…
Hope this helps…

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Thank you! It looks exactly how I wanted now! I still don’t understand why it doesn’t work with flexbox though …