The new site looks

It looks awful. Clutter and aged. White background, what happen.


Please read the official post: 10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are live now

Quincy stated that they are still working on the UI. The changes were made to get the curriculum out, and now the UI and other improvements can be made much easier.


Sadly, I’ve got to agree.

The inability to change the editor to a more natural dark background and lack of more pronounced text colors is very, very unfortunate.


typing the word and pressing tab doesn’t auto create the tags anymore

Auto complete I was never able to do that in legacy. I like the little tooltips with :wrench:

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I loved the old website looks, just add and change the challanges.

As you said, it’s just cluttered while being too big and confusing.


I want the old layout of the website and the Map to be back.
It’s completely confusing otherwise.


You were one or two button clicks away from everything.


I am excited about the newly added curriculum but the new look, not so much plus I lost all my progress i.e. my completed challenges. My solutions are gone with the wind. Am I the only one experiencing this?


My solutions never saved in the first place, so…

iamcris: I made a new thread about the solutions.
All of my personal code, notes, guides are gone too.
No longer accessible, except for the few ‘view solutions’ that are clickable.
Those ‘view solutions’ that are clickable just give site/code errors.

Awesome work with the curriculum, but the looks are horrible…
Most importantly though, please give us our personal solutions/code back : )

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I agree. I’m super thankful for the additional challenges but it looks terrible. 5 different windows instead of 3? Way too cluttered. The old design was way more intuitive.

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I miss the map and the new curriculum tab has added lessons that were not there before and I wonder if we have to go back and complete those to get the final score?

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where are my codes?? :scream:

I don’t like that lessons no longer have clearly defined steps. It looks like I’ve jumped around extensively since they’ve moved so many lessons around (I’ve completed nearly all of the interview algorithms but now have to go through a multi-part html lesson. I don’t like how one lesson is several either.

I don’t mind them adding lessons or really even moving them. I don’t like having to search for what I have done and figure out where I am. I was nearly done with the front end dev and I’m unwilling to start over. The next page design for lesson pages is hard to read, has weird oversized icons and the code editor sucks.


I have read about the 10 major changes, please don’t assume that I haven’t. Stating this issue because they are a lot who feel the same way lets them know about changes people want in order to continue to support and use their platform.

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Perhaps I assumed, but I wanted to make sure just in case you hadn’t. A lot of people see the changes and just post that they don’t like it.

I understand there are a lot of people that feel that way (including me with several of the changes). But I’m guessing that you didn’t read all of Quincy’s posts, or you would have noticed he said they were working on the UI. If you did read that, I’m sorry, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure people understand that the issues are known and are being worked on.

Also, it looks like the map is back working better now.

The map is back but where is the “Back end certification” option?
Is there any way you could bring it back?
Making 6 certified courses is a great job but what about the people who were expecting the certificates of the old courses?
At least get the back end topics and certificates back. @IsaacAbrahamson

Dude relax. reread my comment and chill.

I guess you like to assume.