The Notes from Discworld. Your feedback

Hi everyone!
Finished basic version of my Quote Machine project dedicated to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. And I’d be glad to read you feedback. Here’s link:

So far it has quotes only from Rincewind and City Watch books, but I’ll add more.
All quotes are taken from
A’Tuin picture’s from here:

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Couple of things:

  1. When tweeting the url of the Codepen is also included (is it intentional?). As tweets is only 140 characters, I don’t think it is necessary.

  2. When you’re clicking through the quotes, the window resizes to match the quote and the “Next Note” button jumps up and down. I think it would be better for the button to be more or less on the same place (so it could be clicked without moving the mouse).

  3. You are missing quotes around your last div's class. Also you should add some additional class to this div and set it in CSS to .someAdditionalClass { width: 100% } to get rid of the horizontal scrollbar.

Everything else if great: design is responsive and API is used

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It looks great! Well done :slight_smile:

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Thank you for feedback!

  1. Deleted. Some quotes are already quite big, so I agree, the less additional stuff - the better. CodePen still pastes it’s link on tweet though, so user have to delete it.

  2. Reasonable suggestion. Maybe I’d put the buttons on a side.

  3. I haven’t even noticed this bar before. >_> I just got rid of this div now, since I don’t need it.