Hi Guys!

Here is my portfolio page : -

So today I have completed my portfolio page! (It was damn exciting!!!)
It took me a total of 6-7 hrs (distributed in two days) to make the project from the ground up.
(Some of the code in there eg, bouncing button was taken from the net directly and I did not understand much of it.)

It was a exciting project and I learned a lot from it especially “why stackoverflow is sooooo awesome” :smiley:

Here I mention some great resources that I found on my way to make the project:-

And ofcourse font-awesome icons worked a lot too.

I know that the website is far from being perfect (It does’t have a single line of Javascript or Jquery ) but I will update it as soon as I learn new stuff.

Guys it would be awesome if you can give your valuable comments on the website!



Wow. So good. Clean and simple, it’s really important nowadays. Keep it up and thank you for these websites, I will try them in my projects :slight_smile:

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