The preview in challenges is not working anymore

I’m on building landing page challenge and the preview isn’t working , what should I do ?

It’s a known issue. Just type anything into the editor (such as a space) and the preview will refresh.

I did so, but still have the same issue.
Anyone can help ?

I think you will need to be more specific about what isn’t working and when it stops working. Are you saying that you never see your page preview? Or that it disappears after you open it in the pop-up window?

it disappears when opens in the pop-up window, is there a way to retrieve it ?

This is a known bug. If you type anything into the editor (such as a space) the the preview will refresh in the pop-up window.

thanks it works, but it doesn’t work when I go full screen on preview.
I even tried Microsoft edge browser and still have the same issue.

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