The problem with learning programming

Most people find programming hard but for the most part it’s not programming. ıt’s the instructors who make programming hard.

  • don’t understand beginners.
  • don’t mention ’ honestly ’ what’s required to begin.
  • can’t choose the curriculum correctly.
  • don’t explain a new topic in its purest form before any challenge/exercise.
  • before exercising they don’t explain how it all works together
  • make simple things complicated.
  • always assume you already know something they don’t explain
    It even applies for FCC curriculum for the most part.

There is a programming - science of giving instructions to a computer and programming languages - syntax for writing those instructions down. When I teach you word “apple” I presume you know what’s that. If you watch any language/framework specific tutorial and you don’t know some term - it definitely means you need to pause and google it first.


What I don’t understand is, why did you post this? Are you having a hard time?
Are you angry with something? Do you need help learning programming?

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But you should be responsible for something you teach. You can’t just show a little bit of that and this. Even Beau Carnes teaching JS he does not explain how things connected. Another problem even with FCC is they don’t teach a new topic in its purest form and make some new topic really long and complicated.

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I am not shy to ask something I don’t get. Few hours ago was learning forEach and a 15 year old kid explained here. his explanation was better than professional instructors twho make videos or udemy courses. And he is only 15 years.

Depends on what do I teach, right? If I teach water jumps, I will not teach you to swim so you can learn jumping with me, do you agree?


Why are you so upset about everything? Are you struggling right now? I know coding is tough but you sound like you are taking the struggles really hard.

İf you teach me for loop or for each loop
before itarating thro an array you can

  • show me purest form of it
  • explain how things connected (what gets the array )
  • do a small example challenge or simple exercising

Is that what you are struggling with right now?

Programming is hard. That’s part of why it pays well. Different people connect with the content in different ways, which makes it difficult to make online resources that work perfectly for everyone. You can always ask for more clarification here on the forums. That’s why we are here. Discussions are helpful for everyone, even those of us who have been doing this for years.


it’s not about what I am strugling with. It’s about intructors who can’t teach. That is painful.

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Listen, I am having the same problem and i hardly understand it at all. But, other people have gotten through it just fine. You know what that means? It means that the instructors are fine, but people like you and I learn in a different way. Therefore, you and I have to ask them specifically what we want.

We cannot truly call them incompetent until we know everything about them. And, that will never happen.

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True but if you can’t explain something

  1. you either don’t get it
  2. You can’t teach

I’m not sure if the above was a great answer, but I really want to help.

I am getting into CS and there are professors who can Explain CS in a simple way but intructors who explain programming they just can’t teach the langauge. That’s the problem. And all stuff they ı mentioned above in this post.

Sure. However, having taught professionally and online for quite some time now, I think its hard to judge someone based upon a static online product. For me at least, my best teaching comes when I can directly interact with my audience and help them with their specific sticking points.

If we all had the same sticking points, then learning from textbooks and technical documentation would work for everyone : )

People on the forum love helping, so I’m sure we can help you work through your sticking points.


Everyone has a different personality, the instructors can not create the curriculum to conform to each person individually. That’s why they don’t just stop teaching once they are finished with the curriculum, they are still here to keep teaching because they know some personalities will struggle with the lessons.


Did I put that correctly?

In my point of view FCC is free e-learning for entry level. Also because it’s free, don’t expect too much. There is one year Full Stack Dev certification for the value of $15k and more. Sure there you will find more than what you need because you paid for it.

I admit that the most powerful Dev learning system is daily projects because it is with projects that you will have solid basis. But as I said, we could not blame someone who is offering us such huge amount of learning for free, in fact we should thank him very much and be grateful to. Not everyone could offer him/her self $15k certification.

At least he is offering us a new opportunity, new doors to open. Personally I am grateful to FCC. Thank you very much. Once I realized what I have in my mind, I will be great financial FCC supporter to make it 100 times better while keeps it for free to keep offering lots of persons a new opportunity to have a better life!

PS: My point of view(you are not forced to believe it): JavaScript really sucks, I started thinking to specialize my self in back-end dev with Python-Django and Ruby-on-rails. I really hate JS so f***** much for its ugly syntax, hard array manipulating. If you take a look on Python and Ruby, I am sure you will understand what I am talking about.


Yeah, you must recall, firdavsiQ, that a lot of these teachers are doing this for free! hey, that’s great! They are busy and they are doing their best for you without forcing you to do anything for them but respect their rights.

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