The project works, but it won't pass the tests - 25+5 Clock

I’ve spent a lot of time rewriting code to make this project pass the tests, but none of the ways I’ve tried have got them all to pass.

If you handed a person the testing list and got them to check it manually, it would pass every test. But the testing script seems to be looking for a very specific way of doing things.

I’d really appreciate it if anyone can take a look through my code and help me understand how to pass these tests.


I guess my real question is: is this project possible without using class based components?

You can pass the tests using function components.

But React 18 can cause issues, most are solved just by using the old render method (as you are) or downgrading to React 17. If your code is not passing with React 17 it is most likely an issue with your code and not the tests.

If I set the session length to 60 your timer shows 00:00

On an unrelated note, I would reconsider how you use audio in your application.

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