The #ProjectEuler100 challenge New Year's Resolution

Hi everyone, inspired by the #100DaysOfCode challenge - which I’ve written a lot about over the years - I’ve created a new challenge: The #ProjectEuler100 challenge.

The goal is to complete all of the first 100 Project Euler challenges.

I myself have only completed the first 50 or so, but people have assured me that the first 100 are all reasonably solvable.

I am looking for people who are interested in committing to the challenge, to help kick-start the challenge. Here are rules:

  1. Tweet out a photo of yourself giving a thumbs-up and announcing that you are committing to the #ProjectEuler100 challenge.
  2. Create a Git repository.
  3. Each time you complete a challenge, add your solution to your Git repository and tweet a link to it using the #ProjectEuler100 hashtag.
  4. Then scroll through the #ProjectEuler100 hashtag and give supportive feedback on at least 2 tweets from other developers.
  5. Move on to the next Project Euler challenge. You can’t skip ahead. You have to complete all 100 challenges in order. But you can use any programming language you want to solve these.
  6. Once you’ve finished all 100 of them, tweet out a celebration photo. You will have taught yourself a ton of math and computer science, and gotten a lot of programming practice along the way.

Are any of you all up for a challenge? :slight_smile:


I’m game to try. Now I suppose that I have to decide if I want to do this in a comfortable language or use it to help me learn a new one…

Sounds fun to me! In C of course :stuck_out_tongue:

I am in !!! :star_struck:

Quite the inspiring challenge, count me in :+1:

Here’s the repo I’ll be working on. It might take me more than 100 days, but I’ll try to be consistent :crossed_fingers:

I’ll also try to write about it (honestly, the part which scares me the most…)