The recursion solution i came up with for the Steamroller problem is not being accepted

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i am trying to solve this challenge, i approached this problem with a recursion and when i console log the result seems fine but freecodecamp is not accepting it.

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function steamrollArray(arr) {
let result = []
let index = [];
let obj = []

else {>{
    if(item == '[object Object]'){

obj = result
return obj;

steamrollArray([1, {}, [3, [{},[4]]]]);

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Challenge: Steamroller

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const result = steamrollArray([[["a"]], [["b"]]]);
console.log(result) // a, b
console.log(typeof result); // string

Because you’re returning a string, not an array.

The test says:

steamrollArray([[["a"]], [["b"]]]) should return ["a", "b"].

The result must be an array. Flattening an array means you end up with an array.

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oh wow , so all i need to do is change it to array? thanks for the reply

Not really. Your solution needs a bit of work.
Start with an empty array.
Filter the given array and push the values you want to keep into the newly created one.
Try that if you like.

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I think most solutions never create it as a string in the first place. For most solutions, they just have an array and push on the elements as they’re found.