The relationship between body weight and height and cloth mesurement

Is there any JavaScript or any code that solve the problem of cloth measurement using weight and height of the body.

How would you solve the problem on paper without a computer?

I don’t know how to go about it all, that is the reason for the question… I know there would be a mathematics around it, but I am completely blank on what such Math looks like (may be it is calculus or matrix or any form of algebra)let alone the approach… So please help me… The question is just out of my own personal curiosity to try something out not that am in a contest or any of such… therefore, kindly help me out, help my thinking, help my step into it…help me to figure somethings…

you will need to do the research and find the formula… we could totally help with using code to implement the formula, but doing this kind of research is a bit out of the scope of this forum

maybe if you find a sartorial forum they could help with the research, or accidentally someone with that interest could stumble on this thread

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You will need to find math formula or data table representing relationship between body weight and height and cloth measurement – Use Google perhaps. Then convert it into the JavaScript code.

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