The Road Ahead in My Career

Greetings! I have developed a plan for myself to follow to ultimately achieve success in the smallest amount of time possible. Would love experienced feedback!

I have come up with an absolutely incredible mobile app idea. I am completely convinced that it could be a billion dollar idea. I have decided to use Flutter with DART to build the app.

The Problem:

I don’t know DART at all and I really only have a basic understanding of JS right now. I only began learning how to code 4 months ago.

The Steps to Success:

  1. I have decided to learn JS more in depth. Learning OOP helps to learn DART faster. Also, if my app idea is dumb, I’m gonna need a backup plan to find a job. I have decided to take the JavaScript course on Udemy by Maxamillion. Really enjoy his teaching style and I learn the best from watching.

  2. Next, after some serious vanilla JavaScript is learning Node.js for the backend. I need to learn about asynchronous events and databases and validation and all that backend stuff. I will be doing the Codecademy Node.js course with some supplemental YouTube videos.

  3. I will learn React by taking another course by Maxamillion on Udemy. This time his complete React course. This is to have something on my resume should I need a back up.

  4. I will then take a full stack MERN course to understand the process of a blank page to a completed full stack web app with all the bells and whistles. I feel like this is a critical step in learning programming and development in general.

  5. After all these steps, I will finally begin to learn DART and Flutter using a couple Udemy courses as well as the flutter documentarion and tutorials. And then begin building my app.

I have made up my mind on which languages to learn. I’m just asking if this is the best way to go about it? Thanks for the input

Learning plan aside, if you think this idea has a lot value to the market, I would consider just outsourcing the development. The sweat equity of building an app on your own may be affordable in the beginning but the true cost starts to become more expensive as you get knee deep learning the development skills.

It’s going to save you much from headaches and heartaches if you hire an outside developer to bring your idea to life.

But if you’re adamant about building this idea on your own. Cut out all the steps except for step 5. You need to build value as so as possible and any sort of tutorial which isn’t solving an issue while building would be a waste of time.

Good luck on your product, looking forward to seeing it when it is complete :slight_smile:

And outsourcing would make the most sense absolutely. Unfortunately I have almost $0 to my name. It’s hard out here. But I’m trying my best to make a future for myself. Maybe I’ll make a billion dollar app along the way.

You think I should just drop all the JS then? It would save me like 5-6 months probably

Programming isn’t like most trades where the path to mastery is linear. You dive in and learn based on what the situation calls for.

I would start building now and use the tutorial when you run into a problem.