The run test function

All my exercises on coding lessons provided in the curriculum are not being marked or am not being given feedback of results after clicking the “run test button”. It keeps running the tests but no responses are coming. Is it a network issue? Because I used to get responses but they have since stopped and I cant track my progress.

please help!

Can you give a specific example of the code you have tried for a specific challenge (please include the challenge url)?

Also, what browser and operating system are you using?

// Example
var ourStr = "I come first. " + "I come second.";

// Only change code below this line

var myStr = "This is the start." + "This is the end.";

challenge url is:

Am using micro soft edge and an OS of
windows 10 -version 1803 .

@kuziva27 For the challenge you reference in your latest post, are you passing all tests except the first one?

Your code is not enough to pass the challenge - you are missing a space in the middle of the string

The challenge tests do not work well on Safari, Edge, or Internet Explorer. The curriculum works best when using Chrome.

Let us know if you are still having trouble when using Chrome.