The Simpsons Random Quote Machine

Hi everyone!

I’ve just completed the Random Quote Machine Project for the Front End Libraries Certification, and would be really thankful if someone could give me some feedback!

In particular, it was a challenge for me fetching the API data using React Hooks.
Also, I ended up using Axios, following an internet tutorial, but actually I was more interested in figuring out how to use the javascript fetch method. I just couldn’t make it work…

I definitively have to learn how to work with the new “async/await” syntax. I implemented the fetching bit with this syntax but I still don’t understand it well enough.

Anyways, here’s the link to my project:


Just a few things:

  • I am getting a horizontal scroll bar when I narrow my browser window. With a layout/content this simple I should never get a horizontal scroll bar.
  • When I increase the text size manually the quote travels up the page and at some point gets cut off at the top of the page and I cannot scroll to view it.
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Thank you for your review!

It sure wasn’t a good example of responsive design.

I think those issues are now fixed :slight_smile: I also made it mobile friendly, as far as I can test it.

The share-to-twitter link was also broken.

Thanks again for your time, much appreciated!