The system added my test submision to a wrong day

Dear developers, I noticed a bug, that the system mistakenly added a task I did yesterday to today. Do You guys know who should I contact? I’m new to the forum

The timeline is not based on your timezone, but on the servers timezone

thank you for the answer and a great catch ilenia . I thought that the server takes into account my location. Since I was traveling and did the task near to midnight, I was really sad to see that it was considered a different day since I have a small personal goal of reaching a 365 day streak at the site.

Is it possible to ask somebody to add a different timestamp to a task submission? I had a 99 day streak. I know it seems like nothing watching from the outside, but for me it really matters.

Hi @gytdev, thanks for reaching out about this.

Like @ilenia said, timezones can vary based on a few factors.

However, I can understand not wanting to break a long streak, and have helped other people with this in the past as a one-time favor.

Please send me an email at and I’ll see if I can help you there.

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