The testing tool does not work in chrome for the survey project and appears at the bottom

Hi Everyone

Need your help few weeks ago i had completed my survey project and the tests ran perfectly, But i just checked the page today and i see that the run test appear at the bottom of the chrome browser and it does not work but in firefox it works perfectly fine

let me show you the screenshot, I have already tried deleting cache and cookies but the issue is the same

Chrome Browser

Below is the screenshot for firefox which works fine

Let me also provide you this [link ] ( for testing

I have found a temporary fix for chrome browser to get script hamburger to show on top

by adding these styles

div .fcc_test_ui {

    position: fixed;
    top: 10%;
    left: 50%;


#fcc_toggle:checked ~ #fcc_foldout_menu  {
    background: none;
    left: 0 !important;

However it is not a 100% fix as sometimes the items on the menu do not show up so therefore i got chrome dev tools to uncheck the left: -330px from #fcc_foldout_menu