"The textarea and button with id="submit" is not in the form element

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Hey, I passed 15/17 tests and tried to solved the last two, but I feel stuck.
Could someone help and explain me where my error in my code is?

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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In codepen you can use analyze html option, it’s going to highlight some errors that you should correct :wink:

Make sure you use double quotes for attributes and that you close all the tags.

Also, one thing that I just noticed. You’re using input tag incorrectly:

<input> ... </input>

input is self closing tag, so there you cannot you use it like this.

My guess is that you want to have a label, so you can for example do following:

<label for="nintendo">Nintendo</label>
<input id="nintendo" value="nintendo" name="company" type="radio" />

label’s for is used to associate it with the input’s id

mdn input:radio

as stated by @sitek94, you’ve lots of mistake there…
Analyze html option is in the small triangle in html editor…
Alternatively you can copy paste your html in html Validator

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thank you! I will check it out and removed the closing input tag.
I found the error, had to delete some div closing tags and now passed all tests.

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