The Users link crash chromium and brave

When I click the Users link in the forum, brave/chromium start to eat memory at 150 Mb/s. In less that a minute (if I don’t close the tab), I am forced to REISUB my Linux box.

I’m posting here, because I could’nt find the right place in the github repo (for the forum). I wanted to find users that live in my state and are currently doing the FCC curriculum.

Thanks for all the good work. Please let me know if that was really a bug (or if it is a problem on my side). :slight_smile:

Relevant data:
Linux Mint 19 (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS based) 64 bits. 4 Gigas of RAM.
PS Having trouble editing this post, only to say that I have the same frozen situation creating a first version of this report, so it is not only on the Users link