The view of my app won't show up

Here’s my app code( hopefully if the link works)!/branch-blob?path=boilerplate-express/server.js:1:0

Instead of seeing the index from the views directory in my web browser I get GUI representation of all the files in my project.

It shows to folders at the root, “boilerplate-express” and “node_modules”

also when I try to run the server it says

-su: node: command not found

The contents of the boilerplate-express directory should be at the root level of your project. So you should move its contents outside. There doesn’t seem to be a drag-and-drop for the file list, so you’ll have to use the Glitch console.

This should work:

mv boilerplate-express/* .

# We'll replace the .git directory with the one in boilerplate-express
rm -rf .git
mv boilerplate-express/.git boilerplate-express/.hyperdev-assets .

rmdir boilerplate-express

Ok that kinda got things working, but I’m not being given the share link in Glitch and when I click on the sunglasses it says in web browser “not found”

also what url am I suppose to paste in the fcc field to pass the exercise

Your server still does basically nothing at this point. But you should be able to work from there. I’m able to add a simple route to the server.

how do I get the app to run?

Try adding this route in myApp.js, right under the console.log:

app.get('/', (req, res) => res.send('hello'))

You should see “hello” on the browser when you reload the app. Then you know your app is running.

Use the live app’s url

every time I click that link, it takes me to Glitch, then Glitch says “Importing from github” and then says “Aw something went wrong”.


How do I clone from github to Glitch and how do I start the app. Usually, "node server.js’ works, but it doesn’t here.

Wait, I’m a bit lost. What link are you talking about? What are you trying to do?

The link from here -

were it says “Start this project on Glitch using this link or …”

You only need to click the link to the starter glitch once. Once it’s done importing, the app is always running in the background, so you don’t need to run node server.js. Any change you make to the code will restart the node app automatically.