Therapy for mental health?

Anyone here got mental health issues?

I am using FCC for therapy and a way to get back into the job market.

Really enjoying this challenge and looks like it is the right life direction.

Takes my mind off things.


Never thought of it being used that way. Well, I guess if it works … why not? Glad to help out. I guess I can see how having a goal and taking positive steps towards it with a good bunch of people would help.

Good for you.

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I have anxiety issues.

Kinda surprised this is able to help but if it works it works :slight_smile:

I suppose if you like reading through technical documents to find out how some obscure function works, reading through a stack trace to find out what went wrong with your app, spending hours trying to get debug your app only to realize you accidentally made an assignment rather than a comparison in your code, going through countless tutorials to piece together the information to make something happen using your particular stack…sure, it’s therapy.


I don’t have mental health problems, but I do find that burying myself in code tends to make me feel a lot better when I’m stressed out, so there’s definitely something therapeutic about it. And yes, even poring through API docs and debugging can help with this, as long as there’s a sense of making concrete progress.

On the other hand, trying to code something too far above your normal level takes away from that sense of progress and adds in stress of its own. To make an analogy with learning a natural language, you want to be coding at an i+1 level.


I have anxiety and panic attacks, i’m using antidepressant since april.
If you want to get well you need to keep busy your brain.
Like painting, sports, coding etc.
I think this is the real cure for improving your mental health, and of course antidepressants :slight_smile:

Exercise is good. They were just talking about it on the radio.
Doesn’t have to be in a gym. Go for a walk in the park or countryside.

I recovered from burnout, anxiety and depression using meditation. Saved my life! Therapy helps heaps too.

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