There is an article posted on the website regarding what coding is used for

IT was mentioned that it is used in microprocessors in elevators. I read online that C++ is used to code water temperature sensors. Overall, im trying to figure out what programming language is used for exactly. What is Java script best used for? C++, python and so on. Asking a question on youtube seems to take forever when getting a response because some people want to test your intelligence because you don’t know. I mean none of this is a secret or should have been it’s just these career professions have been unobtainable to specific people that when they do ask or curious about the subject, topic, the invention or whatever they’re laughed or told too stupid to learn it or simply ignored. I’m just tired of being in the dark about this and want some clarification about all of this. I had to vent because I could information with a young kid before they go out and do something silly and ruin their life when theyve had opportunities the whole time.

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C++ is also used in a lot of operating system development as well as game development

JavaScript can be used in a variety of areas but it is widely used with web applications. As a web developer you would use JavaScript to add the interactivity to your web applications. Then you would combine that with HTML(markup language used for content and structure of web pages) and CSS(markup language used for styling web pages).

You could also use JavaScript for games, and mobile development among other things.

Python is a good general purpose scripting language that can be used in areas like Data Science, analytics, web dev, etc.

My advice would be to focus less on specific programming languages at first and more on areas of development.

You could have them explore different areas like web dev, game, mobile, hardware, etc. They can read up on the type of work these different fields do and see which field interests them. Then they can learn which programming languages they would need to learn in order to enter that field.

Hope that helps!

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Coding is used for pretty much anything that has an electronic component these days, from cars to supercomputers. New, cutting edge code is still being written in early programming languages like C while at the same time new languages are being created - some catch on and some do not. Many heavily used languages, like JavaScript, continue to change and evolve. This can feel really overwhelming, but try not to let it discourage you. Specific languages aren’t the primary skill of a programmer; they’re tools. Most of us will work with many languages during our career - even multiple languages at the same time.

When it comes to deciding what language to learn first, I recommend focusing on what you want to do and what resources are available. If you want to build and program small electronics, you might want to start with Adafruit projects, which are Python based, or Arduino boards, which use a C++ derivative. If you want to learn to build games, you might want to use Unity (C#) or Unreal Engine (C++). So on, and so forth. If you don’t have a specific goal in mind, then I recommend choosing a education platform that you like and starting with whatever language they teach. freeCodeCamp is an excellent learning platform, and teaches JavaScript. I’ve also known a few people who got started with the No Starch Press Python material. No matter where you start, you’re building core transferable skills that you’ll find application for whether you become a professional programmer or just want to be able to build your own handy tools.

Javascript Is for pretty much everything but mainly focused on web development, C++ is backend and game development, and Python is for data and ai.

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