There should have been a lesson about Object Constructors vs Object Literals before this lesson

Neither we have read about “this” keyword nor about the differences between Object instances and Object Literals.
This was really confusing. I had to look up about them from other resources.

Challenge: Use class Syntax to Define a Constructor Function

Link to the challenge:

I believe the ES6 part of the curriculum got moved up in the order at some point. So parts of it may well refer to some knowledge you would have gained before it, in the old order.

It made sense at the time ES6 was added to the curriculum to have it after the ES5 code and then show how you would do some of the same things in later versions of ES. But then it got to the point that it was weird how late in the curriculum current syntax got introduced. So it got moved up (afaik).

There are constant updates to the language and the curriculum. A new version of the curriculum is also in the works.

Thank you for helping make FCC better. Bugs can be reported as GitHub Issues. Whenever reporting a bug, please check first that there isn’t already an issue for it and provide as much detail as possible.

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