They deserved our supports - let's spread the word, let's donate

For the short time I came in contact with this noble platform that is responsible for the transformation of many lives - great programmers and IT professionals which could have been impossible due to financial incapacity to enroll in a paid coding course. But FreeCodeCamp gave them a hope through the numerous In-demand FREE courses they offered these IT enthusiasts (including myself).

So guys, I don’t think there is better time to give back. Let’s support FreeCodeCamp’s FREE UNIVERSITY DEGREE PROJECT however we can, and in every way possible, according to capacity (just as I’m doing right now) and I’m already spreading it on my social media handles.:nerd_face::nerd_face:!


Indeed a good name is way more precious than silver and gold. FreeCodeCamp has made a good name for herself! - BARTHOLOMEW SHEKARI (FreeCodeCamp Beneficiary)

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