Thinking of building a code-review exchange platform

I am doing a coding training program for the next few months and I need a project. I will be learning NodeJS backend, and will find a front-end student to pair with.

I was thinking of building a web-based platform where people can receive or give code reviews. My top priority is to make this beginner-friendly. Still I want to make sure there is some incentive for more senior developers to give code reviews.

Does anyone know anything that exists like that? So far I’ve seen but I don’t like the stack exchange model, as far as beginner-friendliness goes.

What would make a platform like that useful to you? What would motivate you to give code reviews?

A few thoughts I had so far:

  • have award badges for reviewers (based on number of reviews, number of time they gave someone their first review (‘help the newbie award’), etc.). These could possibly be exported to LinkedIn or other similar platform. Or just be a reward on its own.
  • give resources for people who want to get started giving code reviews (instructions on how to give good code reviews, coaching form another reviewer, etc)
  • more advanced feature: maybe people could create coding challenges and give reviews to the solutions.

Any ideas?

I like the idea. what is the coding training program you are learning node in? I think I would like something like that.

It’s a locally run program. We are learning through online resources, but we also get together as a group once a week to get help, show others what we have learned, etc. Throughout the program, we also have to work on a project, with other people who are learning other skills. It’s meant to be sort of a middle ground between learning by ourselves on the web and going to a school/bootcamp.

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Sounds awesome! Do you mind sharing any of the online resources you have used, I am looking for a good resource to learn Node.

I have not found any good free resources yet. But I have been learning with a course on Udemy called “The Complete NodeJs Developer course”, which is good for beginners and based on practice. (they do use SQL databases though, not MongoDB)
Someone also recommended to me “Learn and Understand NodeJS”, which is more theoretical, explaining how Node works and general concepts.

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Have you seen this @IsaacAbrahamson:

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