Thinking of skipping a few curriculums and doing python. What do you think of this choice?

I’ve done half of Responsive Web Design; fully done Javascript and Front End Development.

I’m thinking of skipping ahead to Scientific Computing with Python. Will this curriculum need any knowledge from previous curriculums that I’m thinking of skipping? Do you think it’s better to do everything in order? Why?

The Python course is a little thin (from what I hear) and kind of depends on you having a little coding knowledge. But, if you’ve done the main JS section, you should have that. The Python stuff is not really a part of the same path as the main web dev stuff, so skipping to that shouldn’t be a problem.

What do you mean by a little thin? Does it mean the course isn’t that good, or the course doesn’t cover everything necessary?

Maybe that was a little harsh. I just meant that it moves quickly and assumes some basic programming concepts. I don’t know - that’s just what I’ve heard.

Oh okay. I just couldn’t understand what “thin” meant

Sure, that’s cool. It’s just vernacular English, it can mean “weak” or “inadequate”, or “not as full as expected”. Like if you think someone’s excuse wasn’t good enough, you might say, “His excuse was kind of thin.”

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