Third Project: Build a Product Landing Page

Hello every one!

I made my third project and I would like a feedback from you guys!

I used a white background because all the images that I used had also a white background too, so I did like this to avoid a contrast between them :sweat_smile:

And i didn’t like the gradient on the menu, but I couldn’t find a better color for it :expressionless:

And try out the effect that i applied on the coins! It was the best I could do with CSS, I think with JavaScripc I can create a better one :smiley:

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Interesting site, love the images you used and quality.

Few things, I’ll prefer you change will be to change the input background color to rgba(255,255,255);

The color put in place, is really quite strong and many people won’t be able to see the input text with the original color.

What JS features you thinking of adding?

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Hi @MLucien!

I agreed with your change and I did it.

And about JS, I think using it would make the animations on the coins a little better. But I am just speculating because I have no idea how JS works :sweat_smile:

Awesome stuff.

You should definitely join the JS Curriculum. They will be some cool stuff and animations that you can use to make the site more interesting.

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