This challenge is different from what we have been doing, I need guidance on how to start solving it. Starting is difficult! Can someone help me

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Challenge: Build a Random Quote Machine

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We will be able to help you a little better if you tell us what you are planning to use to build it. Are you going to use React? If so then do a search for ‘create-react-app’ and follow their getting started guide to set up your project locally.

In general, I would start with a very basic skeleton of your code (bbsmooth’s suggestion about create-react-app is good). Then start filling it with content based on what you’re trying to do.

What specifically about this project is daunting to you?

I know that front end library projects or whatever it is called, comprised of stuff like Bootstrap, jquery, SASS, React, Redux, etc. Which of those best fits the project?

Have you already finished the lessons in that section? Then you should have an idea of what each is used for. Or do you want to start with a project right away, and do only the lessons for whatever tools you pick?

As an overview:

  • Bootstrap and SASS only help with writing CSS
  • for the functionality of the project, you’ll need either JavaScript, jQuery or React (Redux would be overkill). jQuery is much much easier than React

It depends a little on the state of your JavaScript skills. Have you already built projects in JS?

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No! I am still learning how to code, I’ve not started any project. A little more guide will be of help to me. I appreciate your efforts so far. Thanks once more.

I’d say it’s impossible to build a project like the quote machine, if you haven’t gone through the JavaScript part of the curriculum yet. After that, I’d build the first project with jQuery.