This challenge is saying that "data" is not defined, please house can someone come to my rescue. I'm stucked

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const ADD_NOTE = 'ADD_NOTE';

const notesReducer = (state = 'Initial State', action) => {
switch(action.type) {
  // Change code below this line
case ADD_NOTE:
return (data.text);
  // Change code above this line
    return state;

const addNoteText = (note) => {
// Change code below this line
return {
type:ADD_NOTE, text:note 
// Change code above this line

const store = Redux.createStore(notesReducer);


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Challenge: Send Action Data to the Store

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Hello @Claeiyke,

Gave you tried to debug your code simply logging variables into console? If no, this is a good starting point when you get stuck.

I suggest you to comment in line where you are returning data.text and add something like console.log(state, action) before it.

console.log(state, action)
// return (data.text);

I hope this will help you to understand what is your mistake and where you did it.

Feel free to ask if you need more assistance.

It’s right. data is not defined; you didn;t declare it.
You are asked to return the text prop on the action (object).

return (action.text)

Thanks for your contribution.

Thanks for your help.