This FreeCodeCamp Page should be edited

So, I just searched “best ways to quickly learn data structures and algorithms”.

This freeCodeCamp article/page came up: My favorite free courses to learn data structures and algorithms in depth

Since this was made in 2019, and Coursera (Step 2) is no longer free, I believe someone should mark/flag this page as Coursera is now a paid service (of course w/ a free trial), so it’s not misleading as it wasn’t meant to be when Coursera was free.

Thank you!

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thank you for reporting this, I’ll tag a member of the editorial team so that they could check this out

CC/ @scissorsneedfoodtoo


Thanks for your patience and for bringing this to our attention, @KepplerLearner.

I checked and it seems like both of the courses you mentioned are free. I enrolled in both of them without opting into a trial period.

While going through the article I found a handful of affiliate links, so I removed those.

Thanks again for your report. Please let us know if you notice issues in this or other articles.