This is Landing Page

Hello guys!

This is my take on the landing page:

Please feel free to comment on anything you see on it.
Any idea or correction would be most appreciated.


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Wow, this is beautiful! Makes me really want to visit Chile now (I could use a vacation anyways…)! The colors are warm and inviting, the pictures are vibrant, and I really love the icons you used in the What would you like to do? section. How did you get those?

I think the next step to make this interactive and even more professional is to add some hover effects for your navbar and other links, maybe make the picture in the section after the icons to grow a little when you hover over them. I suggest using the CSS animations to make it smooth and pretty.
You could probably make the Submit button more stylish too.
Also, when the screen gets small, the links to the different sections of the page in the navbar goes away. It might be nice for them to still be visible, or maybe turn into icons or something like that.

Overall, really great job! :smiley:

Please come to Chile PLEESEO, you won’t be disappointed:relaxed:.

First of all, thank yous so much for taking the time to seeing the page and giving me your thoughts and recommendations about it. It is very kind of you.

About the icons, I found them here:; I change the name for each one of them and Voílá.

I’ll definitely follow your advice and make the changes you recommend.

Have a great day.