This is my ambition in the programming world

I don’t want to program professionally, but I have a reason for learning to program obviously, I want to create a platform for students across the globe to communicate, while I know there are communities and that stuff, I want it to be different from most others.

Looks and is crap at the moment, I’ll progress on it in the future when I’ve learnt the stuff I need(From what I’ve heard of the languages, I assume I’ll need HTML,CSS,JS,Bootstrap,React,Python). I’d love some tips and I want advice in how deep should I get into the languages and how should I progress on it.

What a good idea! Actually, I don’t know exactly what you have to learn, but in what level of programming do you are? I think that if you tell us will be more easy for us to tell what path would be better for you and your project.
I think that you learning the basic CSS now, right?

No. I am in JavaScript Regular Expressions, I just started working on the stuff now, so that’s why it looks like that.

It’s a good start Brijesh. If you master JavaScript so React and other JS frameworks will be so easy. I recommend the Web Skills site from Andreas Mehlsen cause I’m doing my path on programming based on this. Good luck!

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Thanks! That’s encouraging. I’ll surely check out the site

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you will need a backend - I don’t know if you want to do it in Python, but in that case a backend framework like Flask, or if you want to do it in JavaScript then NodeJS (this is taught in the curriculum)
and a database, for the MERN stack taught here that would mean Mongo

if you follow the curriculum you will arrive there

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Many professional programmers started only with " Hello, World!", keep the good work up! and good luck!

Okay. Thanks for the advice. So isn’t it worth learning Python if it won’t help much?

Python can be used for the backend too, it’s not useless to learn it

but as many things what you want to accomplish can be done in many different ways

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To add onto @ilenia pointed out (there are many ways to do this) there are also a lot of things you could go out and add/build for this platform.

From this description of what you want to build, your requirements are kinda vague in that there are still specifics to iron out. Not that you have to explicitly tell us what you want to build (you might not even be sure yet yourself haha!) but you should have a firm idea of what you want to build before you start to build it, otherwise you will have a tough time learning what you need to learn and end up feeling “lost”.

Like how will this be different than others? Or how will students around the globe communicate? Will it be a forum-like software like Discorse (what this forum runs on) or a chat platform like Slack, or maybe even a youtube competitor, where students and teachers can upload their own videos

Each sort of platform has its own considerations in terms of technology and their own general challenges. You might even have something else totally in mind which will require you to learn different stuff.

The problem becomes less about the language or technologies your using, but rather knowing what the problem will be and how to solve it with a given language or technology. For example, with the above 3 examples each have their own specific problems that need to be considered.

  • Discourse provides a lot of features for moderation, content management, and customization beyond just general “post message” features.
  • Slack can run on global scales with billions of messages being sent each week with messages all needing to arrive to other user’s around the globe as fast a possible.
  • Youtube is one of the largest contributors to the entire internet traffic in terms of bytes sent, with hours of content uploaded every second.

I’m not saying you have to try to run at these scales, or think about needing to support that sort of scale, but each platform’s problem doesn’t go away even on smaller scales.

So identify what you want your platform to do, then find out what you need to do to build for those features for the technologies/languages you want to use.

Good luck, keep building, keep learning :smiley:

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This is a great project to get started with!

My advice would be to learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and then pick up a backend framework like Rails or Laravel.

The benefit of those frameworks is that they handle a lot of common problems and simplify development.

It’s tempting to learn Node / express, as it is just more JavaScript, but writing a fully featured app with it is harder than using Rails for example.

If this is really the only thing you care much about learning for now, I’d skip React, Python or anything else - just stick to the essentials for this project.

Once you have the fundamentals down and have built something like a Rails / Laravel app from a tutorial code along, you’ll have a better idea of how to implement your idea.

Good luck!

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It’s supposed to include articles and resources for students, based on topics like De-stressing, different kinds of learning methods, topics of common interest based off polls, how to do things effeciently while keeping them fun(different from the corporate learning apps of today). I want it to be comforting to students of all ages and a fun place.