This is my first front-end (Tribute) project. Take a look if you like:)

Hi guys,

Here is a link to my first completed project on freecodecamp. It’s a tribute to Dr. Norman Borlaug, a pretty awesome guy!

All feedback is welcome!


The one thing that jumps out at me is that your image is a little distorted.

<img src="" 
height="875px" width="900px" alt="Dr. Norm"/>

Two things in this code. When you’re putting the width and height into your <img> tag like this, you don’t need to include ‘px’. You can just do width="900". Also, for height, most times it’s best not to set a static height. Try using height="auto". That will allow your image to resize appropriately for different screen sizes without getting distorted.

You can do other things too, like using percents, ems, rems, etc for your width. But at this point, just setting your height to auto is a good first step to being a little more responsive.

<img src="" 
height="auto" width="900" alt="Dr. Norm"/>
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Also, when you make this change, remove the static height from your .white class, so that you don’t have a big, blank white space under your newly resized image.


I made a few changes and I think it looks better!

is it rewritable…??