This is my Hail Mary! Day one went well

I stumbled on Freecodercamp after my kids went to bed. So I didn’t get a whole lot done before my mind got to tired. Tomorrow will better.

I am really Proud of the progress I made today but terrified by this whole process.
I seizures. I am sort of stuck in this learned helplessness and not sure how to get out it. My life was derailed and recently learned my seizures are not going away. Even though I am waiting on ssi. I am not content not doing anything exciting with my life. I haven’t barely gotten out of bed for the last few weeks other than to spend time with my kids. Today I said enough was enough and started looking into going back to school. I am not even sure with my seizures if working is doable yet other people work with disabilities worse than mine.

I am creative person. As a friend told me when I gave here a list of things I could go back to school for said you exile at thinking outside the box so do something where you can do that everyday.

So I guess more than anything I just want to know I can do something that in my eyes is totally impossible. I am 36, seizures, dyslexic, horrible at math, PTSD two kids and zero support. I struggle with depression as a side effect of my seizures. oh and we homeschool.

So why are you choosing this path and using freecodecamp to get there? What are some of your road blocks you need to overcome? What tools or techniques are you using to overcome them?

I really need to make a solid do plan for seizure days and sick days and well life sucks days because not doing this isn’t a option. In my head this is do or die.

Hi @danielerobbers!

Welcome to the forum!

First and foremost, health should be the number one priority.
Both mental and physical.

Throughout this whole process of learning how to code remember to be mindful of your health. If things get to out of control then always consult with a professional.

For me, I enjoy creating things and problem solving. :grinning:
I figured I would start with learning web development and FCC has a great course and supportive community.

I think all of us struggle with some form of imposter syndrome.
There are times when the course gets difficult when I second guess if this is for me.

A lot of people have doubts of their abilities.
Even professionals.

But the key is to take it slow and take it one step at a time.

Good luck on your journey!

Thank you so much for your words of kindness and encouragement. I didn’t even think about it being imposter syndrome I am going to look up some techniques to overcome it as well as build more discipline I think If I could over come these two areas or even improve there current state I would increase my potential for successes by a lot.

Well hi Daniel
I too am a creative weighed down by the weight of seizures.
I hope you are able to get the aid you deserve .
I had to stop taking my seizure meds for a few months since I was unable to pay the full amount without insurance and my discount ran out.
So what I’m saying is - I totally get it.
I’m happy to know I’m not alone in any of this.
Depression is a huge roadblock of mine and I’m learning to just be honest with myself about what I’m capable of learning day to day.
For me playing music while I code is essential.
Some days when I’m learning something new I put on new music to get my brain in a new headspace.
When I review I often play the music I listened to while learning that new info or music that helps me focus or music I just love.
Create an atmosphere where you are comfortable overall so you can treat this as what it is - self care.

I’m not sure what this path is yet. I’m stuck in a job I hate doing something I love but am underpaid for. I’m interested in coding and potentially trying to start over again.
But knowing people like you are here motivate me to give it all a chance.

I wish you the best of luck

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I can not thank you enough for your words of encouragement! I would have never dreamed that someone else was on this bath with such a similar background.