This is my portfolio. any suggestion any advice

This is my first web page :

Very Nice. However, you need to embed more information its scanty.

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i don’t have more informations, i’m new in web developpement, i’m waiting to have more to put more lol thanks for the reply

Your aesthetics and animations are incredible! If this is you being new to web dev, you’re going to be out of this world with more experience!

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Really nice. Very advanced for a first project.

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Great job as far as outlining your content! Some typographic hierarchy / readability considerations to consider:

  • “Portfolio” in the top left corner currently reads like “Portyolio” due to the typeface choice.
  • I think that having “Portfolio” in the top left makes the overall page feel like a template. I would recommend changing it to something more personal / company name / etc.
  • The “Hello, I’m Lyes…” is cool, but it’s creating competition within your visual hierarchy b/c the top menu bar is set in white type + relatively bold solid color whereas the center has faded type + animation on a relatively busy background image. This makes it hard for my eyes to know what to consider as ‘primary’, ‘secondary’, ‘tertiary’ information and navigate accordingly.
  • Under your “Services” section, the middle “Design” panel is inconsistent with the neighboring panels – and I can’t figure out why (different color + different treatment with horizontal rule). I guess this isn’t a big deal, but it doesn’t feel intentional at the moment.
  • The “Projects” section feels like it could belong to a different webpage entirely. You abruptly jumped to a vibrant, warm color from relatively cooler and subdued colors. The visual language also changes up in this section; you jumped from a clean, photographic image to a raw, illustrated one. This isn’t necessarily a no-no, however, it isn’t done in a way that allows the visual languages in each preceding section to kinda talk to each other in a harmonious way.
  • There are also quite a few typos. :wink:

That’s a great start! I hope you post an updated version once you populate it with content :slight_smile:

Hi notjohn, thanks for your advice, i made some modification, you’re right about the portfolio in top, i changed it, for the hello too it was a bit hard to read it with .7 opacity lol, i’ve add some text shadow, and for the service panel i’m using the same color in different tones (indigo) and it’s responsive, i changed too, and the project section well lol it was a shame and i put different color and i didn’t care about the harmony i’ve changed too, thank you for you’re time it’s kind from you :slight_smile:

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nice! Things look much more coheisve - keep on keepin’ on!