This is my portfolio page showing the projects I consider my best - what do you think?

Hey guys,

after a longer break I decided to share my portfolio page with you. It shows the best of my projects so far but I consider the portfolio itself as the showcase of my current skills. Could you tell me what you think? The good, the bad, whatever comes to mind.

Oh and Happy New Coding Year!


First impression, your portfolio and projects are really, very nice… I love your eye for design, very unique and well just got a pleasant feeling as I went through your site :slight_smile:

Im curious about your weather app though, it didnt show me my weather, it looks like it only shows 3 cities…is that right? Maybe think about incorporating an api to personalize the weather for the visitor, to keep with the theme of your description, maybe have something for them to select to view the weather of another location as well.


what size font is that? For the general population with awesome sight it’s probably fine but for folks like me with low vision (and there are a lot of us…) it’s a little difficult to see. White on orange also is a tad tough- seems to blend a little? Maybe that’s just me.

Otherwise nice design!

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I always enjoy looking at the work of someone with an artistic eye and head for code.
Excellent work.

My only criticism, and take this with a huge grain of salt because your design talents far exceed my own, but maybe there’s a bit too much uniformity.

Anyway, keep it up! Inspiring.

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Thank you Candice, I really apreciate your feedback. :slight_smile:

As for the weather app, you are right, it’s not customizable in term of user location. It shows the weather for Warsaw only. Users can choose between the three districts of this city. It was designed with residents of those districts in mind, to make them think and feel good about their local environment. So, it’s more of a showcase for people from other cities.

Thank you once again!

I made font size relative to the width of the container. I thought in could be too small but my mind got stuck with composition and I left it the way it was designrd in Sketch. Which font size is the most comfortable for you to read without effort?

And I’m glad you liked the design. Thank you for your opnion!

I’m really happy you see it that way Will! It’s made my day.

Congrats on your Full Stack Developer Certification! I’m impressed! :star_struck:

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I don’t know the standard for font size for websites- it appears to be 16px for most people. For me I tend to Zoom to between 115% to 125% the web pages to make everything bigger including fonts.

On your portfolio, even at 120% (full screen) it was a little on the small size but not terrible. But if I went bigger it isn’t too responsive- the text did get bigger but the container didn’t adjust- the down arrow disappears.

in fact when I viewed your projects section, I noticed that the body text and the " view ----- (live/code)" line looked nice at 80% or 90% (in full screen mode) but as soon as I put it to 100% or above the live/code line got covered by the body text- if that makes sense lol.

Granted… for job search it’s likely not as important but you never know…plus you can also show you’re aware of accessibility…:). This is a lot for newer coders (including me!) but well worth learning too.