This is my "Tribute Page" :)

Hey there! this simple challenge was more challenging than expected…

I’d love to receive feedback to make my code look more tidy and with sense… I also have problems, as the title is not responsive :frowning:

Thanks in advance and lets keep on learning!

Link to my Tribute Page

Your page looks good so far! There are some code issues you can cleanup.

In line 1 of your css file you have a link tag. This is an HTML tag not a CSS tag. CSS does have an import function you can call that will do something similar, but I think an html link tag in the head of your document is preferable:

<link href="/normalize.css" rel="stylesheet">

You have css class of “.body”, I think you were wanting to target the body tag itself, so you’d drop the period from it:

.body{ text-align:center; }

Anywhere you are using 0px, you can drop the px. You don’t need to supply a “unit” for a 0, because a 0 is a 0 no matter what the unit is.

You have a color attribute in one of your styles that needs a ‘#’ to mark it as a hex value:

li{ margin-left: 16%; margin-right: 16%; margin-bottom: 25px; text-align: justify; font-family: Open Sans; font-size: 120%; color: 555; list-style-type: square; }

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Thanks @ryanjgross! Changed the code and working on the next challenge :wink: