This is silly question

This is silly question, but I find it very important for me.
I am learning Web Development (I am self taught learner). Now, our family has decided to go on holidays for 2 weeks, due to which I will not be able to code for those many days. My question is, will I be able to remember the learnt things of Web Development. I am not willing to go on holidays. I don’t want to miss learning.
What should I do?

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Go on holidays, spend time with your family (just a general life advice).

I’m doing web dev as a job and I constantly forget things and have to google them.
After 2 weeks you may feel a bit rusty, but you’ll be surprised how quickly everything will come back.


It’s like taking a vacation from anything else: you’ll feel a little disoriented but it’ll be fine. There is no self-destruct timer added to programming knowledge.


You are very likely to forget a lot of rule names and stuff(e.g. what was the rule to change text alignment, or how to justify flex items etc), but thats should not bother you at all. The important thing about coding is to learn how thigns happen, how to apply different techniques(not to remember raw rules), everything else can easily be accessed looking in google and with practice and experience, it always comes back and eventually becomes a solid knowledge. A good programmer is one who can grab a tool he hasnt worked with before, find and navigate through its documentations and then be able to apply it in his work. It is also very beneficial to have those short, or longer breaks from coding, to refresh yourself, reset even and then, be able to look into coding with fresh eyes, which can allow you see things you missed before and make sense of things you couldnt. It will only take a short revision to get back on track and be even more certain in your skills.


@kedar.agate - Just to clear it, this is not a silly question at all. Many new learners might have the same question, but you just spoke your mind and that’s a good thing. That’s what community is for & personally I feel the tech community is really very helpful for beginners and experts alike be it FCC or any other platform.

And answers provided in this post are really great . :+1:

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