This is super hard so i quit

A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.


You have to really want it to fight through these feelings. I have a wish to get really fit and athletic, if I was more passionate about it I would be at the gym every day. But I’m not, I quit easily because it’s not something I want bad enough. Maybe coding is not for you if you don’t think it’s something in your life worth fighting for. Or maybe all you actually need is a break, do something else for a week and come back, see if it feels better.

It took me two years of constant learning and practice to land my first job. It isn’t easy.


I really think the guy is gone now:)

Too much love here :smiley:

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Yep. I suggest we find someone else to support…got a brand new cheerleader outfit and new choregraphy spelling CS50!


Except the time of dozens of people.

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FTFY. :thumbsup: :wink:

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If it were easy, everyone would do it.
If everyone did it, It would not be special.
Special is what makes it a high paying skill.

Trust me, I have struggled through the challenges and sometimes they get pretty tough. When you finally figure it out, it is a great feeling, and a great motivator. As you will see, every so often, you get this “Ah -Haa!” moment where things you learned earlier now make sense.

This progression repeats every so often as it all starts to come together. Now that you have a few to look back on, the more you want to get the next one.
Also, don’t worry about the projects for now if that is what is bringing you down. Just put a starting point on codepen, and just keep going back and turning a few knobs once in a while. Nothing is more true than learning from doing. You WILL get it, just don’t make it your primary goal yet.

Also, try to break the problem down into segments instead of looking at it as a whole. Most times when i get lost, I find myself looking at the ‘whole picture’ instead of looking at the individual components that make it up. So, for me, sometimes it is not the challenge ‘per- se’, but that I really need to go backwards in the lessons to review and practice what I need to complete the challenge at hand.

As the map is structured, you can go back and see you have already completed the parts you need to get the job done.
You can do it!
How 'bout another week… or 2 and give it another shot?
You have a lot of us campers pulling for you.
What do you say? Another go at it?
Looking forward to seeing you do it !!

This is legit. @P1xt seems to have a virtually inexhaustible supply of high quality resources.


So we’re still cheering for somebody who’s not there anymore but that’s good, I can read all the messages for myself ! I’ve been feeling like Bambi on the ice lately - that was until the Full Paths to programming given by the Wise Guy came on the forums. Now I feel like Bambi on Ice in a Storm with somebody kicking me in the legs every now and then.


Hey @P1xt I won’t quit this course, but I will appreciate more programming resources :slight_smile:

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@P1xt for real, I will really appreciate if you can indicate a book about JS algorithms. I am struggling a little bit to solve the problems, but I can’t find a good structured material to deal with it.

Thanks! I actually started CS50 last year, but I gave up in the early classes because of the length of the videos. Watching a actual class on YouTube is not really my learning style. Although, I think I’ll give it another chance after I finish the FCC front-end section and the Web Dev Bootcamp in Udemy, which I’m willing to finish before 2017 arrives. I will start reading YDKJS, for sure. Congratulations for the guide you wrote :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear you’re quitting. I think programming is like learning anything else - it just takes time. I’ve been at this for awhile myself. I first started with building a WordPress page then realized I need to know CSS, PHP and everything else.

Maybe using another resource along with FreeCodeCamp would help? I’ve used Team Treehouse. It’s 19.99 a month. It’s self-paced learning with videos and exercises. I think it gave me a good foundation.

I’ve also used Lynda, which is free through my library.

I don’t have a dev job. It is something I would like to have at some point. My current job is pretty awesom so there’s no rush for me.

Best of luck in your learning adventure!


As @timotheap said, this boat has sailed and this guy is gone. For those who want to keep moving forward with FCC and coding, Udemy is on sale and you can buy The Web Developer Bootcamp for US$10! I really recommend this course and if you want a more explained source about web dev you should take it :slight_smile:

Is this only for certain countries? I see it as 200€ :confused: (Sweden)

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Full credit to the below @TheNewbCoder

Thanks for the great review – since there was a great coupon code that worked today: DEC1202, I purchased his course for $10! I can’t wait to start.

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I wish you success with whatever else you choose to do.

Thanks! :slight_smile: Last day to use this code according to udemy. Glad I checked forums :smiley:

the 2nd front end app, so the weather app? My personal side project ended up being the example app for this project chosen by Quincy after seeing me post about it.

I understand that projects are hard but to “quit” because you can’t do one…especially that one, is ridiculous. Not because the weather app is easy, it’s not…but because the weather app in the curriculum is one that I took on myself to learn how to do ajax calls and use jquery in a fun way.

Be a seeker of knowledge and know that if it is in the curriculum you are capable of doing it IF you have the right motivation and desire to continue finding solutions and resources.

The wiki forums here are full of resources (and answers) and you can view the portfolio of any of the users on FCC and look at their solutiosn as well.

What’s the use of starting to learn if you’re ready to give up when it gets challenging?