This is super hard so i quit

Who said coding was easy?.. no one… I admit live got in the way and I took a big leave of absense, but something wasn’t feeling right. I started back on this journey and regret I ever stopped. This can’t be your only source for coding. Like they suggest, open up google. Do some research and learning on other sites., are just a few.

The only person holding us back from our successes are ourselves. I would take a breath and start again! it takes time, so lets get it!

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This is many years later, and you may never read this. But thank you so much. I just started my journey towards coding 3 weeks ago and it’s just been so hard I had a small breakdown today worrying about my future. I’m glad I found your comments and everyone else’s, even though they’re not towards me just know that they have probably saved many people like me over the years.

Thank you so much