This isn't working, not even the guy in the video can get it to work. (Applied Visual Design: Use the CSS Transform scale Property to Scale an Element on Hover)

  div { 
    width: 70%;
    height: 100px;
    margin:  50px auto;
    background: linear-gradient(
  div: hover {
    transform: scale (1.1);


You have a space between div: and hover. This will prevent the CSS from doing what you want it to.

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^^ What Ariel said…

Putting an image inside the div will make the effect more obvious.
Adding a transition: 500ms all; to the div style will make for a smoother effect too.

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Well it didn’t work.

What is your current code? What browser are you using? Is it the most recent version?

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You also have a space between scale and parenthesis. If you remove the space it will work.
transform: scale(1.1);