This May Be a Real Stupid Question but

Seems to me that FCC is an amazing resource for learning web development.

What about data analytics? I didn’t see any certifications as it relates to SQL. Would completing the FCC certifications help someone find a job in data?

Thank you!


I would depend on whether or not the potential employer was familiar with fCC, its certifications, and what is required to earn the certifications. It would also depend on what type of job you’re applying for in each case. ‘A job in data’ is pretty vague, but most jobs are going to ask for experience, and the experience you get from earning certifications at fCC won’t be enough in all likelihood.

Look for entry-level jobs and make sure your soft skills are top-notch. While doing that, also look for jobs that require experience in specific areas that seem very interesting to you and build up your skills in those areas. While doing that, reach out to development mangers or other people at those companies via email and explain your interests and situation. Ask them for their advice on finding work at their company or in their field in general and keep on working on yourself.

You’ll get there. It might take more time than you wanted, but you will if you stick with it.