This ol girl can learn new tricks :)

So it’s not fair to say I started from scratch because I have work experience and some schooling, but it’s not everyday a 41 year old graphic designer switches back into a software development path with a very technical company. :slight_smile:

I need to sign and date the offer letter but in a nutshell after 9 months after I left my position as a lead graphic designer, and many many interviews, I finally got an offer.

My advice to anyone having a tough time is accept a lower rate, move out of the area, and truly be willing to put your ax to the grind to become a software developer.

If PMED I can tell you more intimate details but otherwise please feel free to ask here.

Last but definitely not least, I have to thank FCC after my first paycheck as without this platform I would still be mystified by Regular Expressions.


Congratulations! I hope you’ll stay active in our community and bring your new persective as a professional to our conversations.


Congratulations! I’m in your demographic and worked in computer graphics/graphic design and some development off and on since I was a teen(unusual for my generation) trying to take the deep plunge and commit fully to the back end side. Happy to hear of your success!

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Congratulations! Your story gives folks like me hope :slight_smile:

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I would have to say having graphics design chops and software skills would be a powerful combination, that any company would be lucky to have as part of their team! Congrats again!

Congrats. It’s amazing to hear that. All hustle have been paid off. Your story inspires me a lot about how people can beat the odd.