This one is even better than my last one check it out

I am really happy with how this one turned out. although i would like to learn how to break the check box list up into 2 columns. it looks great on the smaller screen but kinda strange all to one side on the larger screen.

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I can see one thing: you have an eye for css.
I really like the color and layout of your form.
Maybe add a little more border-radius to your <textArea> comment section, and make your text inputs a bit larger.

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ah thank you so much for your kind words! i feel so encouraged :slight_smile:

and you’re right I did need to fix that radius, I also went in and removed the border so that it matches the top input fields, and made it larger ( i can’t believe i missed that lol)

Good job!, here are my recommended improvements:

Try to center your checkbox list instead of having it on the left side, to follow your design.
The number of night stayed input could be way smaller.

Also, you could make the text area box a bit smaller in width, but bit more larger in height.

But overall, good job and keep up the work!

when i tried to center the check boxes the ended up looking weird cuz the check boxes didn’t line up, it centered the middles of the list items.
i would like the height to be larger for the text box any idea how i can do that?

Try wrapping the list into a div and then try centering it.

As for the textarea, you can simply use the CSS attributes of height and width.
You can also use the rows and cols attribute in the html as you can see here, but I would recommend doing it in css instead.