This Porfolio page for review thank you :)

Here is a link to my portfolio page…any comments you may have on it


hey curtis. congratulations on finishing that.

As comments … I would suggest:

  1. When clicking on a link in the navbar the navbar covers part of the content. Try to off-set its height.

  1. On large screens the site doesn’t cover the whole width. Try to change that. e.g. visible on the right side of the navbar:

amazing congratulations:clap:

I set the width to a max of 100 em, thats why it does not go all the way to the right, I felt it just did not look right after 100em, looked kinda strechy.but I supposed centering it may be another option as well,

The navbar, I am not a Fan of a fixed nav bar spanning the entire page, on a website personally, I feel its wasted valuable reading space, I like the small on the top left or right corner clickable drop down or pop out menus…

I agree, an offset would most likely be the fix on that :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to look and provide feed back, much gratitude

Thank you for you feedback on the page :slight_smile: